Can I put climbing holds on a tree?

Most climbing holds can be put on a tree. When choosing climbing grips to place on a tree, ensure they are made of semi-rigid polyurethane such as Red Point Climbing Holds that allows the material to conform slightly to the irregularities of the surface. This adds a layer of protection to your set-up by distributing the load over a larger surface area, avoiding stress concentration that can cause climbing holds to fracture on un-even surfaces. The polyurethane also allows the material to have more contact with the bark so that friction is maximized and the climbing hold will not spin.

Climbing Holds on a Tree

Attaching climbing holds to a tree is a great solution if you are unable to build a bouldering or climbing wall. The tree provides a great surface to attach your climbing holds to. When attaching a climbing hold to the tree, a small number of simple modifications may be necessary in order to do so. By enlarging the cut-away around the bolt head using a “Forstner” drill bit, a larger drill driver can be used. After that, it is as simple as purchasing a 3/8” lag bolt and drill directly into the tree. Consider adding a small hole close to the edge of the climbing hold as a “set-screw” hole, and using a small 1/8” screw to prevent any rotation between the climbing grip and the tree. 

We suggest the Sliver Jugs as an excellent grip to attach your rock climbing holds to a tree. Check them out here.